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MVHS Mariachi & Folklorico


Mount Vernon School District Mariachi & Folklorico is the biggest Mariachi Program in western Washington with over 100 students. The mission of our Mariachi Program is to keep our Mexican traditions of dance and music alive with our youth. We believe that Mariachi music will live forever in our community through our performances. MV Mariachi has performed at dozens of events and festivals all over Washington State. Mount Vernon School District recently hired Director Ramon Rivera who has expanded the program to include two Folklorico Classes and four high school Mariachi Classes. We are excited to see how our program continues to expand!


two students learning guitarron together


Learn how to play guitar and guitarron at MVHS. Anyone is welcome, no prior music experience necessary.

mariachi azteca in their MV Mariachi  t-shirts


Mariachi Azteca is our intermediate mariachi ensemble at MVHS. Student's in this ensemble are beginning to refine their musical technique and study of Mariachi music. Additionally, there is a Beginning Mariachi course offered for students who have no prior music experience. 

2023 folklorico.jpg


Folklorico Dance classes are offered at MVHS. These classes are active as students learn Folklorico technique as they prepare to perform for various events at school and in the community. We have various ensembles with a vast range of skill levels and abilities.

2023 mariachi.jpg


MV Mariachi is our advanced Mariachi ensemble at MVHS. These students have established their love and dedication to Mariachi music and continue advance their skills and knowledge.

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