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This solo music is used for Auditions, as well as Semester finals. Depending on what you are doing, please select the piece difficulty that is appropriate. 


Use all of the sight-reading skills you have learned to put together a piece of solo vocal music. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Finding the key signature and time signature, and use them to determine solfege and rhythms

  • Writing in and performing rhythms

  • Writing in and singing through the solfege

  • Following the sight-reading process:

    • Attempt to sight-read

    • Fix rhythm

    • Fix pitches

    • Put it back together

    • Add text

Each song has a digital copy of the music, as well as an accompaniment track and a recorded example of the song. Be sure to pick a song that is an appropriate musical challenge and that fits your range. If you are having difficulty picking a song, please email me or drop in to my Zoom office hours.

Each week that you are working on a piece of music, submit a flipgrid video showing where you begin each session and what you have accomplished by the end of each session (for example, if I started a piece today, my video would show me saying that I was starting the piece today, I would pause the recording, then I might show my work on solfege and putting part of the piece together). If you appear not to be making any progress, I may ask you to choose a different activity to fulfill your class requirement for the week.

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