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At the beginning of each school year, students are asked to review the handbook, updated annually by Mr. Gomez, and sign a contract, agreeing to the policies and expectations of an MVHS Choir student. Below you will find the current handbook. 

Concert Attire


The dress code for MVHS choir concerts is "Concert Black". Please wear formal attire that you feel comfortable moving around in. Everything from the waist down should be black. If you choose to wear a dress or skirt, opaque black nylons or tights should be worn underneath. If you choose to wear trousers, tall black socks should be worn. Shoes should be black and easy to walk quickly in, you will be walking quickly on and off or risers as we switch between ensembles. 

There will be a wardrobe check during a school rehearsal prior to the concert. If you have any questions or need help obtaining appropriate clothing, talk to Mr. Gomez as soon as possible. 


If you have to miss a concert, this assignment must be completed as a replacement for your performance grade. For each ensemble that performs (as indicated in the concert program), use the choir performance rubric to score each performance, and write a short paragraph justifying your scores for that ensemble. Specific examples from the performance make a better justification than blanket statements – I’m looking to see if you were really paying close attention. For every ensemble, include the name of the ensemble as well as the songs they are singing. This assignment should be typed and may be submitted either in paper or electronic form (through email). If there is a word you do not understand on the rubric, look it up in a dictionary or ask Mr. Gomez for a definition. If you show that you don’t really understand a word when you use it, you may receive less credit for the assignment.

Example Entry

1. Ensemble

Concert Choir

2. Songs 

  • Dies Irae

  • Flight Song

  • Jesus Bleibet Mein Freude

  • Jai Ho

3. Assessment

  • Tone Quality: I-

  • Pitch: I

  • Rhythm: II+

  • Diction: I-

  • Interpretation: I

  • Presentation: I-

4. Justification

Concert Choir retained excellent tone quality for most of the performance, but suffered a little bit finding the right tone for Jai Ho, which wasn’t always bright enough and occasionally sounded too classical. Their pitch was right on, as they were in tune and didn’t have any notes that seemed to stick out as being wrong. Concert Choir probably struggled the most with rhythm. It was good for most of the songs, but there seemed to be lots of missed or uncertain entrances in Jesus Bleibet Meine Freude. Diction was pretty solid, as I was able to hear the words they were singing clearly. Interpretation was one of Concert Choir’s strongest elements. They had clear, unified phrasing, and displayed excellent control of their dynamics. Overall, the presentation was strong: the choir was well-balanced, and everyone had the right uniforms. The only issue with presentation was the few people who touched their faces during the performance, which caused a slight distraction.


Concert Make-Up
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